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Founded by Katie Emanuel in Little Rock, Arkansas in March 2018.  L.D. James Design is an interior design firm and art studio combined.  Providing access to full scale design services alongside custom art pieces 


Owner, Designer

In 2013, Katie graduated with an interior design degree from the University of Central Arkansas and studied art on the side. She started her career with a local designer and went from running errands to running entire projects. For the next 5 years, Katie spent time at two design firms, a landscape company, and accounting firm.


During her time with these companies, Katie networked and made connections with several people and vendors. She managed projects in both residential and commercial settings, communicated with clients and contractors, made site visits, placed product orders, and so on.


Because of the experience she gained, Katie had the opportunity to see the ins and outs of what it means to run a business. That design is not all about pretty pillows and having the best looking Instagram profile. Much of what she’s learned comes from working hard and learning from her mistakes, as well as building relationships with people who have encouraged her along the way.


Her number one passion, being an artist, grew into her love for the design world. Helping others find their personality come through in their home, and projecting what makes them happy, encourages her love for what she does.


Katie currently resides in Little Rock with her husband and two dogs. Most of her time is spent with friends who have been an active part of her life since high school and family who lives nearby. She finds that everything happens for a reason and giving the glory to God, is above all else, her number one priority.

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